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Great Beginnings caters to the needs of the children we serve. From our talented, caring staff to our nurturing facilities and our engaging curriculum. Call today to schedule your personal tour to see what we have in store for your child.

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Peoria, Arizona Daycare

Finding care for your children during the weekday requires more than a child-friendly environment in Peoria, Arizona.

The typical daycare activities such as coloring and watching cartoons may be a safe way to spend the day but it isn't the most effective use of your child's development. Your child needs live social interaction, intellectual guidance and spiritual enrichment. Only an organized curriculum-based preschool like Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare can truly trigger the various aspects of development that sets your child on the right path from the start.  

You'll be amazed everyday as you witness the development of your children right before your eyes. Enrolling your children in preschool rather than a daycare allows them to develop the coping and learning skills necessary to making the transition to kindergarten and beyond. For older children, before and after-school programs reinforce the lessons presented in primary school and encourages the cultivation of new skills.

With a schedule packed with many learning activities, each day at Great Beginnings will be new and exciting in Peoria, Arizona.

Children absorb so much from their environment during the most crucial years of development. According to studies from the National Institute For Early Education Research reveal that an educationally effective preschool programs, like those offered at Great Beginnings, better prepare children for elementary school, reduces participation in youth violence and lowers drop-out rates at the secondary school level.

The intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of your child doesn't take a holiday. Every experience children have impacts their perceptions. Our faith-based non-denominational curriculum will support the values you are instilling in your children and create positive experiences.

Your children will grow intellectually and spiritually everyday with the educational curriculum that teaches the most effective learning tools.

Know that each day at Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare your child's schedule is planned with the most effective preschool curriculum available, which includes:
  • Creative Pre-K: Preschool Daily Lesson Plans
  • A Beka Book®
Creative Pre-K: Preschool Daily Lesson Plans initiate the proper attitude for lifelong learning and encourages children to explore their world in Peoria, Arizona.

For traditional subject matter like language arts, math and history with faith and value-based illustrations, A Beka Book®, has provided academic and spiritual education materials for over three decades.

The curriculum at Great Beginnings is never dull and always educational and entertaining, review our Great Beginnings Program page to get a complete picture of our curriculum offerings.

Effectively undertaking the spiritual and intellectual development of children is no simple matter. Among its staff, Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare offers nearly twenty years of preschool teaching and administration experience to benefit the development of our Valley's children. Learn about our history on the About Us page of our website. The connection between a teacher and a student often creates a lifelong impact. Great Beginnings protects that connection and supports those learning relationships with the commitment and education of our staff. Explore our Careers page to view the rigorous qualifications our staff members must possess and the highly selective hiring process our staff has completed.
Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare has created the perfect preschool learning environment that is nurturing and engaging in the following West Valley communities:
  • Glendale - Located on N. 59th Avenue, Two blocks north of Bell Road.
  • West Phoenix – Located on N. 19th Avenue, South of Union Hills Drive.
  • Goodyear – Located on W. Van Buren Street, East of 161st Avenue at Compass Church.
  • Peoria –  Located on W. Greenway Road, West of 75th Avenue at Paseo Church.
Programs and pricing may vary, select the city above to find out all these details including the specific address, touring details and contact information at your desired location.

Gaining an effective preschool education is an appropriate way for your children to spend their most developmentally intensive years in the the Valley. Great Beginnings is excited to create a greater impact with the opening of additional locations in Goodyear and Glendale, Arizona coming in late 2009 and 2010.
With an educational partner like Great Beginnings Preschool and Childcare, your children have a bright future in store in Peoria, Arizona. Call us at 602-971-6644 or use the form below to schedule a tour.
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